Are you present during your bookings?

Wow. I’ll never look at a Siracha bottle the same again. Amazing. Back on topic (which seems now somewhat boring, compared to your video) you have your security on lockdown. Very effective solution!

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I am new to Peerspace but experienced at renting my venues for the last 7 years. This is the space that I use for my business of 30 years. When I decided to start renting space and allowing parties, I was advised by my insurance broker to never hand over the keys and walk away. He said if something happens my insurance would not cover it. If I or my staff are on the premises as co hosts that is more likely to be covered. I know Peerspace offers some additional insurance but I personally have had a good experience with being there or having a representative from my business on site. We have a back room and office we can hang out in and do other work. We can also stay on the grounds of the site and go for a walk or quick errand. Depending not the type of event for example, DYI parties usually the renters appreciate us for being available to help greet and take care of little details during the event. Usually by the time the party is happening I have been involved to some extent and it’s natural and welcomed for me to be present. For a film I would most likely be out of the way in the back somewhere but let them know they can text me if they need me.


Found my answer here by happenstance. Thx @Deacon_T

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If you have multiple rooms it is wonderful having camera but it would be best to have signs letting your guests know they are being watched. This way they are aware.

I also use which allows you use an old phone as a monitor!

great idea!
When I installed our Ring alarm system, they gave me a sticker stating that there was audio and video recording. It greatly reduces our liability when people can see the sign before they even walk in! :slight_smile:

I try to be cool and point out the cameras as well, but I definitely agree with you that signs are an EXCELLENT precaution!