Any Los Angeles hosts in need of new photos?

Hey everyone, Deacon here!

So I have already decided that I would like my next Los Angeles hosted event to revolve around staging a space for photography and tips for taking better photos.

I’m a photographer myself, so it’s a subject I’m really comfortable with!

The one hold back has been that I’m in the middle of redecorating my own space with new paintings and furniture (yet again) and so I wanted to show off the NEW photos once I have them done. At the same time, I can advertise the new event.

But in the meantime, I think the community could really benefit from a full on ‘before and after’ using another host’s space.

What I’m looking for: I’m looking for a space with photos that could really benefit from new professional photos. I’m charging nothing for this service, it’s purely for the benefit of our community. The only caveat is that I must be able to show a set of ‘before and after’ photos and be allowed to shoot video in the space for the purpose of showing off a few tips.

If your photos are already great, there likely wouldn’t be much benefit, so please keep that in mind!

It’s a time investment of around 7 hours in total (a ‘pre-photo consultation’ of a couple of hours and then an actual photoshoot on a separate day).

Cheers everyone!!


Damn, I was hoping for a tutorial class on how to optimize your space for photography. You’re always welcome to look at our space but it’s more a place TO photograph as opposed to showcase photography.

Would love to have you shoot here sometime though!


Thank you @Deacon_T for providing this service! :grinning:

Thanks for the valuable idea, Deacon. I have a wonderful place with lousy old RE photos. I’d be interested, and happy to send you my current ones.

That sounds great Deacon, we look forward to seeing more on this. A funny problem for us is that I’ll get some good photos from a few events, and I’ll photograph the space, get everything posted … and then we’ll make a change, like paint the ceiling black. Argh.

A related topic would be how to style your space for rentals. Some places are rented specifically for the style, furnishing, and decoration. Our space is more of a blank slate that can be decorated in a variety of ways. Our walls are mostly blank, and we try to just have furnishings that most all rentals can use. We used to have a ping pong table, but that takes a fair amount of room, and is not relevant to most rentals, so I took it home (sad face).

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Hi Devin! Just seeing this thread- sounds like a wonderful service. Thanks for posting. we are new hosts with a really special place but patchy photographs! Would love to hear more. Thanks so much.

Hi Suzi,
I know it’s SUPER short notice, but I have an event up here: for August 9th that you might like to attend.

Can you message me with your listing? If I can steal away for a couple of hours, would you be up for an in person consultation and a future (free) photoshoot for your space?

and of course, all that is ‘time willing’. I almost can’t believe how booked we’ve been lately o_O