Age Verification

What is the best way to verify age of a renter (if you suspect they’re under 21) when you don’t have the opportunity to meet him/her in person before accepting a booking? Thanks!

Hey @Stacy_M… if it’s for a birthday and you feel weird about straight up asking how old they are you can ask something like… “What year are you celebrating?” Whatever the event is you should feel totally fine asking how old they are, but you can also phrase it… “Will there be any guests under the age of 21?” Is it a party?

As far as actually verifying in advance that they aren’t lying, I know that someone posted on here in the past that they asked for guests to send IDs and Peerspace said he couldn’t do that. Will you be present during the booking? You can check IDs once they arrive and if you then discover that you’ve been lied to you’re allowed to end the booking and I’m fairly certain they get no refund since they lied and conversations on Peerspace are a legally binding contract. You can always tell them in advance that you’ll be checking IDs at the start of the booking as well to see what the response is.

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Are you worried about age because of potential drinking or do you just not want to deal with people under 21?

If it’s due to alcohol, you have the right to ask for age verification. Check the Peerspace terms and conditions. My interpretation is that they REQUIRE you to verify ages if there is alcohol…

Section 3: Peerspace Services

(h) Conduct and Fees . As a Host, you are solely responsible for ensuring that Spaces and Amenities comply with all applicable Laws including any alcoholic beverage laws, local ordinances related to the condition, licensure, or registration of Spaces for use by Guests, and payment of Taxes. We may condition your continued use of the Platform and Services on your providing proof, to our reasonable satisfaction, of your compliance with Laws at any time.

I don’t know who said Peerspace said he couldn’t ask for IDs, but if they did perhaps the circumstances were different.

Also, I don’t know the laws in MN, but in NY it’s illegal for guests to BYOB if you do not have a liquor license. It’s super unlikely that this law would be enforced by the police, but if there was an accident a lawyer might be able to make a case out of it.

Peerspace isn’t going to fight your legal battles for you. Protect yourself.

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Thank you, Chris. I am not present during the bookings. I do have liquor license, but if I suspect that the renter is under 21, I wish there was a way to confirm that the renter is in fact 21 either through peerspace verification or a way they can send an image of their ID in advance before I accept a booking. It ties into the larger need to have the ability to send attachments via the platform. Right now, I send links to photos (for example) when it would be more efficient to send an actual attachment. That will also make it easier to keep communication contained and documented in the platform.